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Brand :

Butet Saumur

Year :


Seat size :


Color :


Flap size :

2.50cm  (bar to bottom of flap 14")

Front gullet measurement :

"S" Tree    4.25"

Discipline :


Serial# :



It's the quality you know you're getting from a Butet. The leather is exquisite, so soft and beautiful patina. Classic hunter look, this saddle has been well taken care of and has lots of life left. Priced to move! 


From the manufactures site:

This is the Butet range’s archetypal jumping saddle. The flat seat is specifically designed for adopting a balanced jumping position, allowing the rider great freedom of movement when jumping. The Premium lined version promotes the stability of the leg. The design is entirely customized.

Top-quality leather.

2016 Butet Saumur Classic Flat Seat 17.5"

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